About Paul Chamberlain International

A Record that Speaks for Itself

With the formation of an International Crisis Response Team in 1981, PCI entered into an exclusive arrangement with Lloyd’s of London to respond to kidnapping and extortion crises around the world. PCI has responded to and handled numerous high-profile corporations’ and individuals’ crises with notable success and professionalism.

More recently, PCI has developed a new, larger Kidnap & Extortion (K & R) response program in exclusive cooperation with certain syndicates of Lloyd’s of London. In 1994, PCI joined in an exclusive arrangement with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to respond to kidnappings and extortions for their K & R policyholders in the United States.

Furthermore, PCI’s Financial Fraud Investigations Unit has uncovered millions of dollars in assets as a result of hundreds of investigations. In 1985, PCI coordinated the investigation of American Savings & Loan, the largest banking failure in history, in which PCI recovered millions of dollars for the FDIC as a result of its fidelity bond investigations.

In 1986, PCI initiated and directed the investigation of over thirty major Savings & Loans that had failed or, were failing, for the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. PCI coordinated efforts with the FBI to facilitate convictions and the recovery of assets and monies for over thirty institutions. At this time, PCI entered into an arrangement with the FDIC to locate and recover assets around the world in connection with failed institutions.

In 1995, PCI directed an investigation into the location and recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars of assets for the Russian Federation Government. Between 1995 and 2000, PCI was retained by the Russian Federation to locate and recover stolen government assets that had been diverted from their operation in America by a group of Russians and Americans who converted these assets for their own use. PCI conducted an international investigation, coordinating with federal, state and international regulatory agencies that eventually traced the Russian Federation assets to various locations throughout the world and subsequently recovered and returned them to the Federation’s control.

Most recently, PCI has worked with several movie studios in conducting historical research on behalf of proposed story lines. In 1999, PCI was hired by Showtime Movie Networks to conduct an in-depth investigation into President John F. Kennedy and his alleged relations with known “mafia” figures. PCI conducted several source background investigations, including the review of over ten-thousand pages of FBI and CIA documents and constructed a point-by-point timeline of President Kennedy during the first year of his presidency. In addition, PCI conducted interviews with several individuals who were in a position of knowledge to President Kennedy’s associates.

PCI is also widely recognized for expertise in conducting comprehensive security surveys and crisis management planning. PCI consults and implements for clients contingency plans and measures that can be taken to minimize security risks. Staffed with highly trained professionals with experience in handling extortion, kidnapping, and hostage negotiations, PCI is uniquely equipped to resolve complex and sensitive problems quickly and effectively.

PCI appreciates that due diligence and reliable information for clients represents revenue. Accordingly, PCI offers services tailored to meet each client’s interests and needs as well as providing clients with professional expertise from a variety of disciplines. Each client receives information obtained from a diverse range of sources to assist with a client’s particular situation or circumstances. PCI is known for its reliable sources of information and the ability to deliver pertinent information quickly and accurately. With a research department comprised of highly trained staff and the most up-to-date computer database programs available, PCI can perform due diligence with precise accuracy and time sensitive expediency.