Company Executives

Paul Chamberlain, President

Paul Chamberlain founded PCI in 1981, after a distinguished nineteen-year career as a Special Agent of the FBI. As President of the firm, he directs all investigation, analysis and consultation services.

Mr. Chamberlain began his FBI career in 1962 at the Bureau’s Los Angeles office. After serving in San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, he returned to Los Angeles where he was involved almost exclusively in the investigation of kidnappings, hijackings and extortions. He has worked on hundreds of kidnapping and extortion cases, as well as many major FBI investigations throughout the country.

In 1975, Mr. Chamberlain was appointed supervisor for the Los Angeles FBI and directed investigations of white collar crime, major theft, political corruption and organized crime. He also coordinated all undercover activities and gained national recognition as an expert in this area. He has assisted many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide in organizing undercover operations.

Mr. Chamberlain has been honored with numerous awards and citations from the FBI, local law enforcement agencies and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA).

Mr. Chamberlain has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with extensive education in Criminology. Mr. Chamberlain is a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI.

Ralph B. Kelsch – Lead Investigator – Commercial Investigations

Ralph Kelsch has a total of thirty-four years experience in law enforcement, including twenty-seven years with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. For eighteen years with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Kelsch served in the Detective Bureau where he was Supervisor of Narcotics and Crimes Against Property. Mr. Kelsch has served as Project Director in several federally-funded operations where he worked jointly with the FBI. He has received numerous awards from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), U.S. Customs, the FBI and local law enforcement agencies.

With PCI since 1987, Mr. Kelsch supervises all covert commercial investigations and PCI educational programs relating to narcotics and dangerous drugs in the workplace.

Stephen J. Rybar – Lead Investigator – Compliance Monitoring/Financial Fraud

Stephen Rybar comes to PCI with over 27 years of investigative experience. Prior to joining PCI, Mr. Rybar served 12 years as a Special Agent of the FBI in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas. He received special training in fraud investigation, crisis and stress management and undercover techniques. He consequently specialized in the investigation of bank fraud, advance-fee cases, white-collar crime, bank robbery and theft.

In addition, he served as an FBI relief supervisor and assisted in the creation and organization of surveillance and undercover operations. He has received many letters of commendation for his outstanding FBI achievements.

Mr. Rybar’s previous experience includes two years as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Army and production management with the United States Steel Corporation. While serving with military intelligence, he was responsible for all areas of security for highly classified materials, with special emphasis on communications security. Mr. Rybar has a BA in Business Administration from Kent State University.

Jack Trimarco – Certified Polygraph Examiner

Jack Trimarco retired from the FBI after twenty years of service as a Special Agent. During his career there, Mr. Trimarco specialized as a hostage negotiator for the Sacramento and Los Angeles divisions and was credited with the release of over 100 hostages. While with the Bureau, Mr. Trimarco also worked as a Psychological Profiler and Interrogation Instructor. Mr. Trimarco also is a recognized expert in the field of interviewing and interrogation and has conducted training for the FBI Academy, CIA, US Department of Justice and numerous other federal, state and local agencies.

In addition, Mr. Trimarco is known nationally for his successes as a polygraph examiner. During his career with the FBI, Mr. Trimarco conducted over 1,100 FBI polygraph examinations throughout the world. The majority of these examinations involved criminal violations which included the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, the “Unabomber” bombings, the “Whitewater” investigation and the World Trade Center (1993) and Oklahoma City bombings. Mr. Trimarco has a BS in psychology from the University of Montana with an additional emphasis in psychophysiology.

Wayne A. McEwan – Certified Fraud Examiner – White Collar Crime

Wayne A. McEwan served 28 years of distinguished service with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division. Mr. McEwan has extensive experience in tax fraud and financial investigations, both domestic and international in scope; including forensic accounting, evidence analysis, and an expertise in the application of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. He retired as the Senior Special Agent-in-Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office and also held this position in San Jose, Orange County, and San Diego. He has supervised investigations for Federal White Collar and other criminal violations, both domestic and international in scope, including tax evasion, money laundering, illegal currency transactions, perjury, conspiracy, bank fraud, public corruption, bankruptcy fraud, and healthcare fraud. In addition, he was involved in investigations of narcotics traffickers and narcotics-related money laundering.

Mr. McEwan is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. In addition, he is a member of the Association of Former Special Agents – IRS/CID and the Federal Criminal Investigators Association (FCIA). Mr. McEwan has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach.