Crisis Management Planning

Crisis Management Planning is critical in emergency situations such as kidnap for ransom, extortion, or other terrorist threats. PCI designs and implements Crisis Management Plans for corporations or individuals and their families, outlining the procedures to follow should a crisis occur. The results of an analysis of potential risks to a company, its employees, assets, reputation, and executives will inform and guide a company in implementing a custom tailored Crisis Management Plan. This plan will enhance overall safety awareness among employees, curb potential threats to assets and intellectual property, and provide a detailed framework for crisis response situations.

No matter the size or profile, PCI can assist a client in developing and implementing a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan. In the event of a crisis, precious time is saved and professional help is immediately summoned with the execution of PCI’s Crisis Management Plan, significantly increasing the likelihood of successful resolution.

Clients have the opportunity to work out a custom designed risk/crisis management policy that is both practical and vigilant. With professionals highly trained in security threat analysis, and counter-terrorism preventative measures, PCI has the resources and expertise to evaluate, design, and implement an efficient and effective risk/crisis management policy and apply physical security measures. After a security survey and analysis, PCI provides recommendations to executives, and educates all personnel on security issues in accordance with the risk/crisis management policy PCI designs. Each policy affords the client with security assurance while instilling comfort and familiarity with the services provided. Additionally, the implementation of a comprehensive security-consulting program may result in a significant reduction in applicable insurance premiums and associated costs.