Background and Asset Investigations

At Paul Chamberlain International, we have been providing clients around the world with employee background investigations tailored to meet each client’s interests and needs. It is essential that an employer is informed about individuals or entities that might be engaged in unethical and/or illicit activities whether in business enterprises or personal affairs. Whether investigating a candidate for a job position, examining a potential or current business associate, or locating assets of a party in anticipation of a lawsuit, each investigation provides complete, time-sensitive, and accurate information obtained from a diverse range of sources.

Background investigations for employers ensure that those individuals hired not only have the desired disposition to perform their job, but also that these employees do not have a “track record” of past fraudulent and/or criminal activities that can adversely affect a company.

Moreover, Paul Chamberlain International’s ability to conduct in-depth merger and acquisition investigations anywhere in the world makes PCI unique in the investigative services sector. It is critical to identify the background of a company and/or individual prior to a potential business arrangement in order to enhance your position in business negotiations.

PCI has an exceptional record of success in locating the physical and capital assets of individuals and business entities as a precursor to litigation or an on-going lawsuit. To this end, PCI’s former FBI Special Agents and forensic accountants use vast global information sources and investigative skills to locate assets expediently and accurately, and ultimately analyzing these findings.