Due Diligence/Pre-Loan Program

On behalf of lending institutions, PCI conducts exceptionally thorough pre-loan investigations (usually $1 million plus) anywhere within the United States and in most foreign countries. PCI has completed hundreds of assignments for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a number of Federal Home Loan Banks, as well as the RTC and state regulatory agencies. Presently, PCI is involved in an extensive program of background investigations on major loan applicants for many financial institutions throughout the United States. In some cases, applicants in the process of being considered for a loan were found to be the subjects of on-going criminal investigations not previously detected by a bank’s internal credit/loan processing channels. More frequently, PCI discovers pending civil litigation against the borrower, fraudulent and exaggerated application information, outstanding liens, and histories of default for breach of contract. PCI’s Due Diligence/Pre-Loan Program requires all potential major borrowers applying for significant loans to undergo an in-depth background examination prior to loan approval. These investigations are confidential in nature and thoroughly examine the potential borrower, utilizing PCI’s access to public record indices, network of relationships. and confidential sources.