White Collar Crime/Fraud Investigations

For the past twenty years, PCI’s Financial Fraud Task Force has aided the financial community as a provider of in-depth information analyses and investigations involving tax, bank and insurance fraud, and money laundering. PCI’s Financial Fraud Task Force is comprised of leading experts in white-collar crime, formerly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service, that have the ability and resources available worldwide in identifying the sources of fraudulent activities. The Financial Fraud Task Force has been consistently successful in the examination of losses and questionable transactions, in addition to the design and implementation of preventative measures.

Similarly, through precise due diligence, PCI conducts investigations into suspected fraudulent parties and establishes motives by finding similar, questionable, past litigation or actions against past employers, insurance companies, or individuals. PCI’s forensic accountants and financial fraud experts can investigate, gather, and examine evidence to prosecute the offenders and/or help recover monies from the financial loss related to the fraud. Even after an incident of fraud has been identified and resolved, PCI has the means to effectively examine matters or witnesses surrounding past fraudulent activities, and make strategic recommendations ensuring clients a recourse that precludes future losses and protects assets.