Financial Investigative Program For ICBA Member Banks

PCI no longer works with ICBA. Please refer to our other case studies for examples of our work.

Paul Chamberlain International, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, has designed a program for community banks in response to the current financial crisis. This program is based on the experience acquired during almost three decades of investigative assistance to financial institutions.  ICBA members are able to take advantage of a 10% discount and will also receive the benefit of working with local fraud investigators who are former Special Agents of the FBI, covering the banker’s specific city.  The services we offer include:

  1. Pre-Loan Due Diligence Program – PCI offers the bank the option to conduct an in-depth background examination of potential major borrowers prior to loan approval. In the past, PCI has determined that some applicants in the process of being considered for a loan were found to be the subjects of on-going criminal investigations not previously detected or examined by a bank’s internal credit/loan processing channels.  More frequently, PCI has discovered pending civil litigation against the borrower or fraudulent loan application information and/or financial statements.
  2. Loan Work-Outs/Modifications – PCI has an exceptional record of success in locating individual and business assets that are vital to any litigation, recoveries or in evaluations of a potential new financial arrangement and asset valuation and disposition.
  3. Financial Fraud Investigations – PCI provides experts in investigating financial fraud, including Former Special Agents of the FBI and forensic accountants, to conduct inquiries for banks and their customers.

Paul Chamberlain International (PCI), a Los Angeles based firm, was formed by Paul Chamberlain in 1981 after a distinguished twenty-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. PCI is a full-service investigative and security consulting firm that has been a leader in providing services for community banks for over twenty-nine years.

PCI regularly conducts investigations on behalf of numerous national and community banks across the United States.  Additionally, PCI has conducted investigations for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and all districts of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

For additional information please see Case Studies.