Litigation Support


98253299-1200x800Paul Chamberlain International (PCI) is a worldwide investigative firm that offers a full range of litigation support services catering to law firms’ interests and needs including white collar crime and background investigations, assets location, financial and insurance fraud inquires and witness location and interviews.  With a variety of expertise, PCI provides vital assistance in helping allay potentially costly civil litigation matters.

The following is a brief description of PCI’s Litigation Support Services:

When engaged in litigation, many times background investigations may be required to gather information concerning an individual and/or entity involved in a case.  For the past thirty years, PCI has achieved a record of success when conducting in-depth background investigations throughout the United States and internationally.  With access to databases, records and other information resources domestically and internationally, PCI can furnish attorneys with valuable information pivotal in proving their case in any type of litigation.

PCI has an exceptional record of success in locating individuals’ and business entities’ physical and capital assets in order to locate monies in question as a precursor to litigation or an on-going lawsuit .  Thus, prior to or after a judgment has been rendered, it is essential attorneys are aware of the opposing party’s physical and/or capital assets.  Assets locations are sometimes difficult since the opposing party may “cover their trail” in a maze of corporations, limited partnerships and trust funds that may be located in various states and/or countries.  To this end, PCI’s vast global information sources and investigative skills as former FBI Special Agents and forensic accountants are able locate assets expediently, accurately and will analyze the findings accordingly.

When faced with lawsuits involving insurance or financial fraud, PCI has leading experts in our Financial Fraud Task Force that provide thorough investigations and analyses.  Through precise due diligence, PCI can conduct investigations into suspected fraudulent plaintiffs and help attorneys establish motives by finding similar questionable past lawsuits or actions against past employers, insurance companies or individuals.  Furthermore, PCI ‘s forensic accountants and financial fraud experts can investigate and examine matters or witnesses surrounding fraudulent activities in a case and make strategic recommendations based on the results.

Through a worldwide network of sources, PCI can locate and interview missing witnesses that might be otherwise untraceable or evading detection.  Many years of FBI and law enforcement training enables PCI investigators to conduct professional, detailed witness searches and interviews.  In these cases, PCI ‘s investigators can locate and interview witnesses while representing a law firm’s interests and goals in litigation.  Likewise, PCI’s investigators have testified regarding witness interviews and also have provided expert testimonies for various issues relating to cases.

Paul Chamberlain International appreciates the opportunity to discuss its Litigation Support Services with you.